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Our passion for Cryotherapy and the benefits of cold therapy began in 2019, when our founder Chris Deaville was listening to Chris Evans on the radio. Evans had a special guest that day who was no other than the Dutch extreme athlete and motivational speaker, Wim Hof.

Wim or what he is commonly known as “The Iceman” holds 26 world records in all things related to cold / ice exposure and was on the show telling Evans of the great benefits with having cold showers and breathing.​

On listening to this, Chris was immediately intrigued and began taking cold showers from that day on, the results were amazing, helping with sleep, skin and the soreness of muscles. On researching about Wim further, Chris found that Wim’s friend (motivational speaker) Tony Robins had something at his own home called a Cryo chamber. After finding out that a cryo chamber even existed, Chris decided that his career in telecoms was over and that he wanted to build a business around Cryotherapy and helping people achieve positive results by harnessing the healing properties of the cold.

Fast forward a global pandemic and three lockdowns and a brand new business was born..CLITHEROE CRYO

Wim hof

Chris Deaville

Nathan joined us after serving in the RAF both at home and overseas. With a keen interest in sports, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, Nathan has come on board to help develop and expand the business with new products and services.


We are located within Clitheroe Leisure which is on the grounds of Clitheroe Cricket Club, off Chatburn Road, Clitheroe. BB7 2AS
Enter the Cricket club and bear left taking the road around the cricket pitch. The Leisure centre is located over the far side of the pitch.
There is lots of free parking available right outside the Leisure Centre.
Clitheroe Leisure has great facilities, a gym, sauna, steam room, studios, spin room, huge changing rooms with showers.
A large variety of classes are available. (spin, body balance, etc)
Memberships or day pass access.
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