A Natural Approach to Health – Sarah Pate Clinical Reflexology
Clinical reflexology is a holistic therapy which follows the principle that the body is mapped on the feet, hands & ears. Reflexologists apply pressure to these areas, activating nerve endings that lie on specific reflex points. The pressure sends neurological messages to the brain which then relays that message to the area of the body that is ill, stressed or disturbed. The body's own healing mechanisms are then activated in the required area, enabling healing to occur naturally.

As a highly trained clinical professional, I work alongside the medical profession to provide the best possible complementary care for my clients. I believe that taking a holistic approach, treating the body and mind, as well as looking at diet & lifestyle is a highly beneficial practice, rather than focusing purely on short term symptomatic relief.
Using advanced techniques, I have successfully helped clients suffering from an array of conditions including stress, anxiety, muscular & nerve pain, autoimmune conditions & a range of hormonal issues to name but a few.

- Pain Management
- Fertility reflexology
- Pregnancy reflexology
- Post natal care
- Palliative care
- NEPIP (stress & anxiety relief)
- Hand reflexology
- Auricular reflexology
- Lymphatic drainage techniques
- Meridian & Chakra Balancing

The clinic is dedicated to improving the health & wellbeing of all clients.

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