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The term Cryotherapy comes from the Greek words “Cryo” meaning cold and “Therapy” which roughly translates to cure, “Cold Cure” and has been around since the time of ancient Egyptians.
More recently technology has improved treatments massively allowing amazing results to be achieved with just 3 minute sessions in a cryo chamber.
We chose one of the world leaders in refrigeration technology, Mecotec for supplying our chamber. The Cryo One+ is a prime example of the brilliant German engineering, consistently efficient and more importantly super safe.

why should somebody use cryo ?

Cold exposure has been proven time and time again to have many positive health benefits, not just physically but mentally too.
It’s no surprise to us that the leading private medical group has started putting Whole Body Cryo chambers in to some of their hospitals.
Cryo chamber sessions help with a wide range of ailments and the great thing about it is that its completely natural, the cold actually tricks your body in to working in overdrive, therefore self-healing, helping to.....
Decrease inflammation and pain / Increase energy and stamina / elevate mood / increase metabolism / skin rejuvenation & anti-aging / reduce anxiety and stress / Improve sleep / improves collagen production / reduces toxins in the body / helps with restless leg syndrome / boosts the immune system / helps with Rheumatoid arthritis / relief from migraines and headaches / helps with acne, psoriasis and eczema.
How many pills or potions would you have to take to get these benefits !!
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