Compression Therapy

Revitalise Your Body With the Power of Compression Therapy

Compression therapy, whether it be for the lower or upper body, is a cutting-edge approach to enhancing your wellbeing and recovery. compression therapy involves the use of compression boots (for your legs) or compression sleeves (for your arms) to apply gradual and controlled pressure to the intended body part. This gentle process encourages the body’s natural circulatory mechanisms, promoting enhance blood flow and assisted lymphatic drainage.

Sessions of compression therapy last 30 minutes and can be booked for one or two people simultaneously.

At Clitheroe Cryo we are passionate about delivering state of art modern health and wellness services using leading equipment providers. Our compression boots are supplied by both Normatech and Therabody and the compressions sleeves by Therabody.

Compression therapy utilises solely compression with no use of the hot or cold. Compression is delivered through systematically inflating chambers within the boots or sleeves, promoting natural movements of fluids within the body. The dynamic compression approach aids in the flushing out of metabolic waste and facilitating optimum circulation.

What Can Compression Therapy Help With?


Compression therapy can boast a wide range of benefits that extend beyond an individual’s general health and wellbeing such as:

  • Reduced swelling
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage.
  • Improved muscle recovery

Due to its application and above benefits, compression therapy has become a sought-after remedy for various inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis. Controlled compression helps manage the inflammation as well as promoting circulation to the affected areas for pain reduction.

Through its gentle working, compression therapy is a relaxing therapy that as a minimum provides your muscles with a deep massage and fresh supply of blood through enhanced circulation. Whether you’re on your feet all day at work, or in need of some sports recovery, compression therapy could be the answer you are looking for.

Compression Therapy for Athletic Recovery

Compression therapy stands as a game-changer in athletic recovery, offering individuals from all sporting backgrounds a dynamic and targeted approach to optimise their post training or competition recovery. As compression therapy enhances blood circulation and reduces inflammation, this process expedites the recovery process. The rhythmic compression aids in flushing out metabolic by-products, minimising muscle soreness and promoting a quicker return to peak performance.

Individuals who explore compression and implement it into their pre/post training routine not only speed up recovery times but also experience an improved range of motion and joint flexibility, empowering them to push their physical limits and excel in their chosen disciplines.

With the ability to:

  • Aid faster recovery
  • Prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Improve range of motion
  • Minimise muscle and joint pain.
  • Improve circulation.

Compression therapy can be catered to your individual needs.

Book your compression therapy session today and unlock the revitalising abilities of compression therapy!

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