What is compression therapy ?

Compression therapy is the process of applying focused and controlled pressure to a muscle group to increase blood flow, remove toxins, and speed up recovery.

Who would benefit from compression therapy?

Anyone who works on their feet all day ! Gravity causes poor circulation in your legs when you are standing all day in jobs such as, Hairdressers, Nurses, Construction Workers, Posties etc.
Anyone who battles poor circulation would benefit such as Diabetes, Varicose, Peripheral Artery Disease and just about any circulation disease with the exception of Deep Vein Thrombosis (contraindicated).
Any athlete who uses their legs such as Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists, Footballers Triathletes, Weightlifters, CrossFitters, Rugby, Walkers, Basketball, Tennis, Netball, Hockey..
Finally, anyone who enjoys a relaxing massage!
The compression therapy feels like a gentle massage, just zip on the compression boots or arm sleeves, sit back in our comfy reclining chairs and relax by listening to a bit of music or watching TV.
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