Corporate Memberships

Why choose a corporate membership

Exclusive Discounts – As a corporate member, your employees will be eligible for exclusive discounts on our services, making it more accessible and cost-effective for your business.

Customised Wellness Programs – Customized Wellness Programs: We can work with your company’s HR department to develop tailored wellness programs that align with your employees’ needs and preferences, fostering a culture of well- being and increased productivity.

On-Site Services – Upon request, we can arrange on-site sessions or pop-up wellness events for a reduced rate at your office location (service dependant) providing a convenient and immersive wellness experience for your employees.

Expert Guidance – Our well-trained team will be available to offer personalised guidance and recommendations to your employees, ensuring they receive the most effective and appropriate treatments.

Below are a list of services that are included in our corporate memberships.
(Adjustments to services can be discussed if required).

Whole Body Cryotherapy
Red Light Therapy
Compression Therapy
Localised Cryo
– Cryo Facials (Cryo only) – can be upgraded to express and luxury facials at
a further cost.

Clitheroe Cryo | Home Image

Prices of memberships

Clitheroe Cryo | Home Image

– 20 sessions @ £520 (only £26.00 a session!)
– 50 Sessions @ £1200 (only £24.00 a session!)
– 100 sessions @ £1999 (only £19.99 a session!)

Sessions and prices are open to change depending on company requirements and usage.

Corporate memberships should be used within the month and can not roll over to the next.

Employees are to book through one email account on the booking system to ensure accurate recording of membership and sessions.

To optimise the chances of service availability 48 hours’ notice for booking is recommended.

The events and pricing for events will all be on an ad-hoc basis, depending on business needs (for example – amount of staff, type of services, duration and day of event)

Book a session

For more information on CryotherapyRed Light TherapyOxygen TherapyCompression Therapy or to visit our cryo chamber or hyperbaric chamber in Clitheroe – also local to BlackburnBurnleyPrestonLancashire.

By Phone: 01200 424475

Alternatively, you can head over to our testimonials or FAQ pages to learn more.


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